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Gocomma Manual Tin-feeding Soldering Gun

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Soldering Gun uses the compact mechanical design for easier working. Tin wire scaffold can be disassembled, easy to use. Rated with a diameter of 0.8 - 0.12mm tin wire. It will be a great helper for your DIY project.

How to Use:
1. Please heat for a few minutes when using this soldering gun for the first time, the smoke is a normal phenomenon, will disappear in a few seconds.
2. Install the tin wire ( not included ) on the tail, pull the tin wire until the end reaches the tip.
3. Stop using this soldering gun when the tin wire when it’s used out, remove the used tin wire and place a new one.
4. Heat element replacement: remove the first protective cover, open the heater connection and replace the heater element.

Please note that the iron and iron pipe temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius during work, please do not touch.
Main Features:
● Precise tin feeding control, makes uniform and neat solder joints
3 - 5min fast heat up, no waiting
● Can easily replace soldering wire, 0.8 - 0.12mm soldering wire suitable
● Compact and light-weight, one-hand easy operation
● Easy-to-replace heating element, no specific skill required
● Durable lead-free soldering tip, high temperature resistant Teflon tin tube

Power: 60W
Input voltage: 220V / 110V
Warm-up time: 3 - 5 minutes
Temperature range: 300 - 400 degrees Celsius

Gocomma Manual 

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